The Challenge

by linzcaryl

Dear neglected blog,

A lot has happened in the past 2 months. An unexpected job, an unexpected affinity for a certain boy and an unexpected breath of fresh air in the trip that was Vancouver and Seattle. Truth is, I’ve been meaning to find inspiration to post more, per my sister’s encouragement, but never found the push to do so. That is, until, the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt was too good of a creative challenge to pass out on.

The day’s  prompt was to write a story on the first photo of yourself in the first photo album you can find. So here’s one of my favorite photos below.


The photo above, was taken at Stanley Park in Vancouver. It speaks to my penchant for sitting by large and sturdy looking trees, one that was just begging to be included in a photo opp. This tree is perched across a sidewalk leading to a beach and it will always remind me of that beautiful Spring day, spent with my whole family.

Without careful observation, care of my brother, this delicately curved branch would have never been noticed. I love that as my brother is growing up, so too, does his more outgoing side emerge, leading to a well-received and much appreciated invitation to sit on this tree and take a photo.

Simple as it may seem, this photo evokes so many happy memories and speaks volumes about me. It relays a point on the things we fail to notice and the opportunities that pass us by when we don’t look closely. Yet is also reminds us that should we choose to open our eyes, the world is but a marvelous place, waiting to be appreciated and valued.