by linzcaryl

I stayed there briefly, didn’t even realize we were going to part ways in a short amount of time. Yet, opportunity was calling and I wasn’t the type to shut down a beckoning potential.

The room, with its teal walls, huge windows that let every ounce of sunlight in was my happy place. “We have to repaint,” advised my Dad. “No, the walls remind me of the ocean,” I said. The room was my reprieve, yet the walls were still thin enough to hear conversations that held windows to the soul. It was the type of place where you can fake your sleep, and no one would ever notice you eavesdropping on an important conversation.

Yet it was time to go. But that room. I think it’ll always keep drawing me back. Perhaps goodbye, but I prefer, see you later.


* the post above, as a modified response to today’s Daily Post Challenge