by linzcaryl

Perhaps if we met at another time, if the timing was right, it would have been easier to commit. To say yes without having to fear being apart or the unknown and uncertain future.

There are conversations you always remember and people you know you’ll only meet once in a lifetime. I am blessed to have experienced both from a boy who holds my heart. But he’s leaving. He is leaving. I want to hold time and shift it to another moment, another possibility of meeting him in a different circumstance.

We talk about movies. Always about movies. Like it’s what we both live and breathe. Just like how scenes and lines depict truth, strength and dreams. I’ll miss how his eyes twinkle when he talks about them. His infinite tenderness and passion…

I have eight months to see how things play out. And if there’s one thing I know about time, it is fickle and opportunity can come when time and timing are right.